My personal project for the 2011 summer. Because we'd get iOS lessons in the upcoming schoolyear, a hashtag was agreed upon, #SMART3 (for Smart Mobile, semester 3).

Sometime during summer break, a friend of mine came with the idea to start a forum, I picked it up and said I'd like to see something like StackOverflow. After trying someexisting systems, and failing to install them at our host, I decided to take matters in own hands, thus a new QA-system was born.


Though we started with both of us working on the site, it soon became clear that it wasn't working properly that way, so Ruud started working on a mobile app, while I added some API's for him, and continued to work on the code. After most of it was working, the design was tweaked, and the site was opened.

Unfortunately, the site was never really used. Most of the techniques neccesary were explained in class, and in the afternoon teachers were walking around to help. But hey, now I can brag about a QA application!

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